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The Bunker is an adventure camp of sports and recreation activities, located in Avissawella. Designed for individuals who seek a daring experience. With the right challenges for anyone, participants achieve more than they thought were possible pushing mentally and physically to achieve their best.

Trained by our finest, Bunker’s training uses battle-tested principles to prepare you for the obstacles you’ll face in life or on the course. Not only does it aid in a fitness journey it is also enjoyable to partake with friends and family for a much diverse experience.

The Bunker offers you a chance to push yourself, and become the person who you want to be, proving yourself through actions, not just mere words, and begin to know yourself more than you ever knew before.

Born within the confines of a quarry, The Bunker is a subsidiary of Purple Sun Resort, situated atop a mountain top enroute towards Ratnapura. Accommodating an assortment of activities The Bunker is only a mere 90min drive from Colombo. Constructed according to eco-friendly practices, The Bunker was built in a natural setting harming no trees throughout the process. Confined within the elephantine rock walls The Bunker preserves natures beauty for its eager nature loving thrill seekers.

Log cabins built attached to the rock surface, 12ft above ground provides the feeling of a natural habitat in the wild. The minimal facilities detach you from the busy world, and takes you back to the basics of enjoying nature in all its glory. The simple camping activity not only connects you with nature but allows you to spend time in a tree house surrounded by monkeys and birds. The minor military decor adds character, and is derived from the locations name, to provide background to create identity and fun elements for adventure seekers.



At the bunker we give you the chance to race with your co-workers. Take your team to the next level and try team building at The Bunker. We create learning experiences, adding resiliency and improving your team communications. We create personalized training programs based on your preference. Whether it’s a group of 50 or 100 we’ve got you covered. Together with Purple Sun Resort, The Bunker provides your team with food and lodging.


At The Bunker we want you to have the most adventurous and beneficial experience out in the wild. The Bunker team is headed by a retired Base Warrant Officer of the Sri Lanka Air Force, specialized in ground combat and recruit training, Commando course, Fire fighting, and Basic ground combat, who is also certified in safety training, and specializes in group team building activities. Our team is well equipped and trained to teach and deliver a safe, knowledgeable and enjoyable experience to our patrons.


At Bunker, safety is our main priority, therefore we work with the finest safety equipment imported and designed for the highest safety standards.
Furthermore all our activities go through daily safety checks ensuring the safety of our patrons.

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