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Welcome to Purple Sun Resort, a spectacular property carefully positioned at the edge of a natural rain forest in Avissawella. Interspersed with brooding mists that weave in and out, Purple Sun Resort with its 14 acre garden is an idyllic getaway for travellers across all walks of life as the perfect holiday resort in avissawella.

Located in the ancient kingdom of Seethawaka (Avissawella), traditional Sri Lankan ambience forms the property’s character, which also dictates its design and interiors. In fact, it even boasts a lake built during colonial times, making for a unique and authentic nature resort in Avissawella.

The Purple Sun Resort, is the finest and most luxurious holiday resort in Avissawella. Situated atop the hills, experience the best of the beautiful mountain range view. Along with a variety of facilities and activities to unwind in, this is the perfect place to spend your vacation!

But how and when did it all start?

Initially being an idea to build a home back in 1989, The founder of Purple Sun did not want it to be a nature resort but rather a holiday getaway for himself and his family, it was to be a gift to his only daughter, but he soon realized that it was not something to be enjoyed alone but rather by everyone who wanted to. He wanted everyone to enjoy the views of the beautiful hilltops of Avissawella, as this is the only nature resort that has this view. The resort was opened in 2009.

Purple sun Resort, true to its quality of being a nature resort has stayed true to its promise at every stage, throughout its 11 years of coming into life and seeing many constructions and improvements along the way, we claim pride in the fact that not a single tree was cut down during our construction.

Purple Sun Resort is now run by the founders daughter who shares the same passion and love as her father for what they wanted to share. Over the years the resort has progressed to offer only the highest quality hospitality services. Purple Sun have progressed from only six rooms to now offer 25 rooms for you to unwind at, three wedding halls of increasing capacity for people to make this unique view a part of their wedding day, two swimming pools, a multi cuisine fine dining restaurant and a recreational activities camp. All encapsulating the serene peace and beautiful views of what made the location special.